Sunday, April 3, 2016

Book Trailer

The book trailer assignment that we did in this class was really fun.  I liked it a lot because it didn't have to be Academic related books and a Kyla everybody else show their personalities in the kinds of books that they chose.  It let a lot of different people be creative and they were really fun and interesting to watch class together.  I think that this project would be a good idea to do the first or second week of school to let the kids show their personalities more and just have fun with the project.  I also liked how we can kind of do our own thing in class, filming wise, so everybody's project looked different and everybody had their own unique touches to their projects.  

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Sunday, February 28, 2016

Wiki Spaces

My wiki project topic had to do with outsourcing and globalization.  What I had to do in this project was I had to write an essay about how outsourcing can affect the government, politics, and and employment.  I found that outsourcing affects all of these topics in various different ways.  I didn't know that outsourcing such a politically debated topic and how much it actually affects employment of those who work in big corporations.  It affects the government in lots of different ways especially because some government jobs are being given to big companies and corporations that have nothing to do with the government.  
I also had to write the concluding statement of our project.  In the statement I basically summed up and concluded everything that we have learned and researched in the wiki project.  I found a topic very interesting and fun to learn about because before this project I didn't know what outsourcing really was, I didn't even have a general idea as to how it affects how we live today.   I really found it interesting how much I didn't know about this topic and I also found it interesting how much I've learned about this topic.      

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Podcast Reflection

For my podcast I chose to review an album called Blurryface by Twenty One Pilots.  This album came out in 2014, and is one of my favorite albums in all history.  The title name "Blurryface” it's supposed to represent everybody's insecurities, and that is what the album and most of the song lyrics are based off of.  I find this album very interesting because it relates to me, a person who has overcome a lot of their insecurities and moved on and this album is part of the reason why.  What I did was I research more about the artist and about the songs and I really listen to the songs and I try to remember how I felt when I first heard them, and that is how I narrated my podcast.  For me, this experience is really fun because I love music and bringing music into the classroom makes a lot of things more interesting.  In the end, I personally really like the outcome of my podcast and I think that this is a great project.

Semester 1 reflection

My semester one overall performance wasn't as great as I would like it to be.  The first quarter I did really well, I had mostly A's and I was planning on doing even better the second-quarter.  The second quarter was a lot more hectic than the first and that is probably why didn't you as well as I would like to.  Well I did get the GPA both first-quarter and second-quarter I was expecting some sort of improvement with my grades.  For semester one I have a lot of strengths and I also had a lot of weaknesses.  
One string that I really like to focus on was that I consistently did my work and study for test.  In middle school I always had a really tough time with my study habits because I would get distracted by other assignments or by anything really.  This year I've improved my study habits and I'm now able to study for test and I am more prepared now that ever happened before.  I think I did really well on all of my semester exams and I was really proud of my scores.  In my opinion I have one weakness that really makes a difference with my grades, and that is procrastination.  I need to have better time management plan and I'm to learn not procrastinate as much.

My plan for third-quarter is going to be to use my agenda and to I have a good time management plan and not to procrastinate as much.  I started my agenda in the second quarter and I could already see an improvement with my time management then I did in first-quarter. so if I continue to use my agenda and use my time wisely, I think I will be able to succeed in my third-quarter.  For third-quarter and fourth-quarter I plan depend more attention class and use my time wisely and hopefully I won't be able to achieve my goals and you even better than I did first semester. 

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Q1 Reflection

My quarter one results were not as good as I hoped them to be, but considering it is my first quarter being a high school student, I am okay with the outcome. On my report card, I got three B's and had a total GPA of 3.6. This may be good by some standards, but I would like to do better next time. I know that high school is harder than middle school, and West Tech is harder than most high schools, but I went here to try my best to succeed and I plan to do so.
There are several areas that could use improvement when it comes to my grades. In quarter one I didn't have any missing homework assignments, but my test grades were lower than I would like them to be. So, if I would like to succeed in quarter 2, I need to study harder for my test and make sure I understand the information. I also need to take more notes and ask if I need help. I would also like to improve my procrastination when it comes to homework assignments. This doesn't exactly affect my grades, but it does affect how quickly I do the assignments, and that might be where I missing some of the information.
Some of the adjustments I need to make for quarter 2 is that I need to study harder, pay more attention in class, do my homework when I have time instead of waiting until the last minute, and taking more notes. All of this will help me accomplish my quarter two goals which it is to get straight A's, straight o's, and perfect attendance. I think I will be able to accomplish my goals if I take more time to better understand the material.

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Whole New Mind: Overall Concept Reflection Blog Post

The book a whole new mind by Daniel pink is a book about why right-brainers will rule the future. In the book, he continues to describe different ways and scenarios that right-brainers will take over the workspace. What he means by this, is that right Brainers will work for less money then left Brainers so this automatically makes them a better employee. Because right brains also care about design, not just about quantity, they would be more appealing when someone is hiring.

In the book it talks about different kinds of scenarios and qualities a future employer might be looking for. It also talks about how these qualities are going to be important not only in the workspace but for every day use. Left directed thinking is directed by left brain attributes towards a left brain result, a left couldn't grasp details but only the right hemisphere can see the big picture the left handles logic, sequence, and analysis. It seems that the left is less emotional and more work well the right takes care of empathy expression emotions and the big context. R directed thinking is directed by the right brain attributes towards a right brain result.

It also talks about how Asia produces more R directed thinking then most other places because they are not brought up on money and it is not their main focus like it is for a lot of places. It also is more about design than quantity so they would rather have something pretty than something expensive. The book goes through different ages and what side thinkers were more valuable then. This book taught me a lot about what employers might want in the future it also taught me what they wanted in the past. I thought it was very interesting and a good book.

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Chapter 6

Out of the three types of people described in chapter 6, metaphor maker, boundary crosser, and inventor which do you think you would be best at and why?

I think I would be a metaphor maker, because I can easily understand metaphors and I can relate to different metaphors.  I also relate to the quote used in the book, and I understand what it is saying.  I can easily understand things in term of something else.