Sunday, October 4, 2015

Cyberbulling Video Blog Reflection- Julia Bell

The cyberbulling video was about a couple different people and their experiences with cyberbulling.  There was two girls and one boy in the video and they all talked about what happened when they were being cyberbullied.  There was also a guy who talked about the effects of cyberbulling on a kid and how cyberbulling is actually worse than traditional bullying.  The reason, he said, is because with traditional bullying, it happens then its done with.  With cyberbulling, it stays with you, and follows you around and can happen anywhere.

While i do think that cyberbulling is a problem and must be stopped, i disagree with the man in the video's opinion.  With traditional bullying, its confrontational and sometimes violent.  With cyberbulling, i think, its easy to shut off your phone or devise and that's all.  I do understand that you must have a lot of self control not to look or respond to mean messages, but at least this is in your control, and you can ignore it.  Obviously all forms of bullying is unacceptable and there needs to be more rules in forced on this subject.  

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