Saturday, October 10, 2015

Freshman goals

I have a lot of goals for my freshman year. Some of which are social but most are academic. I do hope to make friends but more importantly I hope to get good grades and join lots of fun clubs. Grades are very important throughout high school to make sure I get to a good college, so I would like to make sure that I stay on top of my great and try my hardest. One goal of mine is to get straight A's for the whole year. This is very important to me and I would really like this to happen.

A social goal of mine is not only to join clubs, but to make good friends that all do well in school and will help me succeed in my years to come at WCTA. Now that Q1 report cards are coming soon, I have to make sure I don't let any grades slip. I also have to make sure I'm staying on top of my work and doing everything that I need to to get good grades. To positively impact my grade in all of my classes I could do a lot of things. One of the most important is to try hard and to do my best because if I only give a little of my effort, I will not succeed. I know if I try my best I can positively impact my grades and I really hope to succeed in the first quarter.

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