Sunday, October 25, 2015

Whole New Mind: Overall Concept Reflection Blog Post

The book a whole new mind by Daniel pink is a book about why right-brainers will rule the future. In the book, he continues to describe different ways and scenarios that right-brainers will take over the workspace. What he means by this, is that right Brainers will work for less money then left Brainers so this automatically makes them a better employee. Because right brains also care about design, not just about quantity, they would be more appealing when someone is hiring.

In the book it talks about different kinds of scenarios and qualities a future employer might be looking for. It also talks about how these qualities are going to be important not only in the workspace but for every day use. Left directed thinking is directed by left brain attributes towards a left brain result, a left couldn't grasp details but only the right hemisphere can see the big picture the left handles logic, sequence, and analysis. It seems that the left is less emotional and more work well the right takes care of empathy expression emotions and the big context. R directed thinking is directed by the right brain attributes towards a right brain result.

It also talks about how Asia produces more R directed thinking then most other places because they are not brought up on money and it is not their main focus like it is for a lot of places. It also is more about design than quantity so they would rather have something pretty than something expensive. The book goes through different ages and what side thinkers were more valuable then. This book taught me a lot about what employers might want in the future it also taught me what they wanted in the past. I thought it was very interesting and a good book.

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