Sunday, November 15, 2015

Q1 Reflection

My quarter one results were not as good as I hoped them to be, but considering it is my first quarter being a high school student, I am okay with the outcome. On my report card, I got three B's and had a total GPA of 3.6. This may be good by some standards, but I would like to do better next time. I know that high school is harder than middle school, and West Tech is harder than most high schools, but I went here to try my best to succeed and I plan to do so.
There are several areas that could use improvement when it comes to my grades. In quarter one I didn't have any missing homework assignments, but my test grades were lower than I would like them to be. So, if I would like to succeed in quarter 2, I need to study harder for my test and make sure I understand the information. I also need to take more notes and ask if I need help. I would also like to improve my procrastination when it comes to homework assignments. This doesn't exactly affect my grades, but it does affect how quickly I do the assignments, and that might be where I missing some of the information.
Some of the adjustments I need to make for quarter 2 is that I need to study harder, pay more attention in class, do my homework when I have time instead of waiting until the last minute, and taking more notes. All of this will help me accomplish my quarter two goals which it is to get straight A's, straight o's, and perfect attendance. I think I will be able to accomplish my goals if I take more time to better understand the material.

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