Sunday, January 24, 2016

Podcast Reflection

For my podcast I chose to review an album called Blurryface by Twenty One Pilots.  This album came out in 2014, and is one of my favorite albums in all history.  The title name "Blurryface” it's supposed to represent everybody's insecurities, and that is what the album and most of the song lyrics are based off of.  I find this album very interesting because it relates to me, a person who has overcome a lot of their insecurities and moved on and this album is part of the reason why.  What I did was I research more about the artist and about the songs and I really listen to the songs and I try to remember how I felt when I first heard them, and that is how I narrated my podcast.  For me, this experience is really fun because I love music and bringing music into the classroom makes a lot of things more interesting.  In the end, I personally really like the outcome of my podcast and I think that this is a great project.

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