Sunday, January 24, 2016

Semester 1 reflection

My semester one overall performance wasn't as great as I would like it to be.  The first quarter I did really well, I had mostly A's and I was planning on doing even better the second-quarter.  The second quarter was a lot more hectic than the first and that is probably why didn't you as well as I would like to.  Well I did get the GPA both first-quarter and second-quarter I was expecting some sort of improvement with my grades.  For semester one I have a lot of strengths and I also had a lot of weaknesses.  
One string that I really like to focus on was that I consistently did my work and study for test.  In middle school I always had a really tough time with my study habits because I would get distracted by other assignments or by anything really.  This year I've improved my study habits and I'm now able to study for test and I am more prepared now that ever happened before.  I think I did really well on all of my semester exams and I was really proud of my scores.  In my opinion I have one weakness that really makes a difference with my grades, and that is procrastination.  I need to have better time management plan and I'm to learn not procrastinate as much.

My plan for third-quarter is going to be to use my agenda and to I have a good time management plan and not to procrastinate as much.  I started my agenda in the second quarter and I could already see an improvement with my time management then I did in first-quarter. so if I continue to use my agenda and use my time wisely, I think I will be able to succeed in my third-quarter.  For third-quarter and fourth-quarter I plan depend more attention class and use my time wisely and hopefully I won't be able to achieve my goals and you even better than I did first semester. 

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