Sunday, February 28, 2016

Wiki Spaces

My wiki project topic had to do with outsourcing and globalization.  What I had to do in this project was I had to write an essay about how outsourcing can affect the government, politics, and and employment.  I found that outsourcing affects all of these topics in various different ways.  I didn't know that outsourcing such a politically debated topic and how much it actually affects employment of those who work in big corporations.  It affects the government in lots of different ways especially because some government jobs are being given to big companies and corporations that have nothing to do with the government.  
I also had to write the concluding statement of our project.  In the statement I basically summed up and concluded everything that we have learned and researched in the wiki project.  I found a topic very interesting and fun to learn about because before this project I didn't know what outsourcing really was, I didn't even have a general idea as to how it affects how we live today.   I really found it interesting how much I didn't know about this topic and I also found it interesting how much I've learned about this topic.      

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